Just recently, a young Christian student attending a public high school here in Sacramento wrote a paper on the ever growing acceptance of "gay rights" among her peers. It was in response to an assignment she was given to draft a "persuasive article" dealing with a controversial subject. It's a paper many of the pastors here in Sacramento and throughout the country should read. It puts to shame the compromises so many of them are making for the sake of not "rocking the boat." But "rock the boat" is exactly what they need to do - and it's exactly what this courageous young woman has done. If pastors won't pick up the cause of Christ, then God will raise up others to do so - others like this young woman.
Press here to read Madeline's paper.
Madeline Brace, on the left, was a junior in high school when she wrote this paper. Kendra Brace, her mother, is on the right. Madeline is my granddaughter and Kendra is my daughter. This fall Madiline will be entering the University of California at Berkeley.
Maddie on the Cal Berkeley campus
Maddie the day she got news of her acceptance to UC Berkeley
My favoirite picture of Maddie as a little girl
Maddie's whole family: on the left Danny (little brother), Maddie, Kendra (Mom), Rod (Dad); on the right: Charlie (big brother), Luisa (older sister), John (Luisa's husband), and Olivia (younger sister)
Fencing off your children - will it help them or hurt them?
Press here or on picture to read an article entitled "Fencing off Your Children: Will It Help Them or Hurt Them?"