I highly recommend that you purchase a copy of Facing the Storm - and read it through very carefully. It's an exegesis of Matthew 24 and 25, Jesus' Olivet Discourse. It clearly distnguishes between (1) the false signs that do not herald the approach of the Tribulation, that instead are common to every epoch of human history, and (2) the authentic signs that most certainly do herald its approach. The false signs are spelled out from verse 4 to verse 6. The authentic signs are spelled out in verse 7 and called "birth pangs" in verse 8. The authentic signs include
  • a world war,
  • a global economic collapse,
  • global famine, 

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  • global epidemics, and, finally,
  • a series of catastrophic natural disasters occurring throughtout the world.
     How exactly those signs are derived from Matthew 24:7 is very carefully explained in Facing the Storm.
     Verse 9 marks the beginning of the Tribulation - with the events spelled out from verse 9 through verse 15 describing events that will occur during its entire seven year span of time. Those events, however, will not occur suddenly and unexpectedly. A precursor of each event will become increasingly obvious during the lead-up to the Tribulation, the "Birth Pangs Era." There are at least nine precursors:

  • ever-increasing immorality;
  • ever-increasing anti-Christian bias and the marginalization of faithful believers;
  • the separation of faithful believers from unfaithful believers; 
  • rampant apostasy withing the church;
  • on-going military tension and outright war in the Middle East;
  • ever-increasing anti-Zionism;
  • ever increasing anti-Semitism;
  • an ever-increasing breakdown of the social order leading to political paralysis and chaos;
  • ever-increasing lawlessness, violence, and terror.

Focus on Social Chaos in
End Days Prophecy