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     Doug Krieger and I have been anxious to pull together a group of committed believers anxious to do more than simply disseminate information and let it go at that. We believe that we're living in the End Days, on the very cusp of the Tribulation - with events taking place almost every day that witness to that truth. Simply knowing that, however, is not enough. We are convinced from the testimony of scripture that God is calling for his people to respond to these events in concrete terms. And toward that end, we'd like your comments, insights, and suggestions. 
     Hopefully, you've read the article we posted on facebook and in an email newsletter we just sent out. In light of the hostility now bearing down on the Christian Faith - the kind of hostility that's depicted in the video that accompanied the article - what do you believe is an appropriate response? We want to keep this as open-ended as possible - and, as your replies are sent to us - we will begin working together with you to delve into this matter more deeply. Let's continue to pray together - that God will shed light on our efforts and guide us in his way, not ours - and that he will then empower us to move forward a concrete plan. Many blessings

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