The issue of homosexuality has become very divisive, not just for main-line churches - for which a literal hermeneutic is not normally embraced - but for evangelicals as well. And here's the problem: though most serious evangelicals are able to cite verses that clearly proscribe homosexuality, they're unable to explain the reasoning that lies behind those verses. And that puts evangelicals behind the eight-ball whenever they're called upon to debate the issue "Why is homosexuality condemned?" They're unable to provide an adequate answer - and, consequently, they're left looking witless, vapid, and insensitive.


The debate over homosexuality poses a danger to the evangelical church that’s perhaps more daunting than any other - at least for the moment. It’s being used by progressives to force a concession from the church that will alter the very meaning of the gospel.
What most evangelicals don’t realize is that tolerance is not what homosexu­als are really after (See article entitled “The Rage Driving the Homosex­ual Agenda.") If that were the case, proclamation of the gospel in the pub­lic square would be of little concern to them - perhaps a bit annoying, but that’s all. But tolerance is not their “end game;” it’s legiti­macy. What progres­sives really want from evangelicals is for them to back away from emphasizing sin; indeed, to stop using the word “sin” altogether; to move the whole matter of sin away from the center of the gospel mes­sage to its margins, if even there.

Homosexuality is merely the leading edge of the battering ram progressives are using to force that concession from Evangelicals. If somehow Evangeli­cals can be persuaded to ascribe legitimacy to homosexuality, the whole is­sue of sin evapo­rates into thin air - and along with it, the holiness of God and the need for the Cross. And following right behind is the love of God as well, because God’s love can only be grasped against the backdrop of the ter­rible price he paid to ran­som our souls from the condemnation our sinfulness so justly calls for.
   For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
John 3:16
Sin has always been what the gospel is about - deliverance from both its penalty and its power. That alone is what Jesus promises will produce peace with God and bring us into his holy presence.

Too many churches, while not actually ascribing legitimacy to homosexual­ity, simply don’t preach on it. It’s pretty much a verboten topic! I’ve spoken to many pastors who say they’re scarred silly to preach on homo­sexuality and explain why it is so terribly offensive to God and why it war­rants his wrath. They’d ra­ther swim across the crocodile infested Zambezi River.

We need to take a stand against any attempt to play down sin, guilt, and the wrath of God; and because, once again, homosexuality is the leading edge of that attempt, we can no longer ignore its significance or fail to preach against it. It must be confronted head-on. That, of course, doesn’t mean we rail against homo­sexuals. Far from it! Jesus came to save them, not to rail against them; but that means they must be confronted with their sin. Only then will they see their need for a Savior. If we play down their sin and refuse to point it out, we will blind them to the real meaning of Jesus’ work and ministry. They will never see Je­sus for who he really is - their Savior. To save them from what? To save them from sin!    

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