For many believers, nothing is more frightening than the thought of sharing their faith. A recent survey by Lifeway Research, a highly reputable polling agency, confirmed that while most believers are convinced the Bible obligates Christians to share their faith, most never do, almost 80%. And that's just "sharing their faith," not actually leading someone to salvation. That's far less. Dr. James Kennedy, founder of Evangelism Explosion, claimed before his death in 2007 that fully 95% of believers have never led a single soul to Christ.

The same percentages are true of soldiers in actual combat. How intriguing is that! Not long ago, a team of historians found that during World War II and the Korean Conflict only 15% to 20% of American soldiers ever fired their weapons in an actual flesh and blood "fire-fight." And, again, that's just the percentage of those firing their weapons, not those who scored an actual "hit." That's less than 5%.

Time to climb out of our fox holes
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